A Safe Place To Talk, A Time To Be Listened To, An Opportunity To Change

Pam HelmeWhat I can offer you

I offer common sense, an accepting and compassionate approach, supported by my psychodynamic training, CBT and spiritual tools, and can provide a unique and confidential counselling relationship where you will not be judged and you will get help to talk about things that might be troubling confusing and painful.

Through engaging in this process you will have the opportunity to feel listened to and understood, and not so alone with your problems. This kind of support and acceptance can provide the opportunity to develop different relationships with yourself and others.

During our initial appointment we can explore the issues that are troubling and concerning to you, and discuss how counselling might help.

I offer short term focussed sessions as well as more open ended therapy and I am flexable in my approach so that I can best suite your needs.